Kathryn Hearn's hand-built porcelain collection has evolved over the eight years since she left London for the Cambridgeshire Fens. The work is a culmination of that experience and living in an idiosyncratic industrial agricultural environment.

She began with representing the never-ending vistas of flat arable land and it's merging with the sky. Very often misty hues with colours as punctuation. But as she became more familiar with it and the communities who had evolved its particular visual language she recognised interesting farming practices and attitudes which spoke of its history. Her titles often refer to these narratives.

The key attributes she wants the work to embody is craft, uncompromising construction, elements of tenacity exemplified by the use of porcelain flax paper clay. With forceful and curious notions both in the construction and its visualisation. The work needed to be slightly uncomfortable and utilitarian without always having a direct function. But hopefully lifting the spirit in its playfulness.


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