If you are a UK based potter, ceramicist, ceramic artist or make art or craft with clay to a professional standard, we want to hear from you. Our aim is to provide a secure, fast and trusted platform where we take as small a commission as possible so that our makers keep as much as possible.

We provide a small amount of central marketing and we expect our makers to promote their work using social media, direct email marketing and blogging about their work.

How much does it cost?

It costs £90 a year to be part of Cambridge Ceramics and £50 per year thereafter. (If you are a full-time potter and you cannot afford £90 up front we could consider deducting it from your first few sales). When you sell over a £1,000 in a year, your annual fee will be waived for the subsequent year.


When you make sales, you keep 85%.

How our website works

You upload images and descriptions of your work using a web browser. Every item you upload is listed on your page. Customers can search for work by their favourite artists, product type (ie mug) and even material. A small amount of guidance will be given to get you started.

You must have a minimum of 8 different items available to purchase on your page. If the number of items consistently falls below 8 items we will consider removing you from our site.

Tip: Keep your page fresh by changing the work on your page from time-to-time.

When items are sold you must pack them securely and you must ship them ASAP using an express signed-for service. Never keep a customer waiting more than 2 working days. UK post and packaging costs are included in the price so that buyers do not accrue numerous postage costs as they shop.

You are responsible for all breakages during shipping. Customers will always receive a full refund. Over the past 10 years, having shipped hundreds of pots across the globe, we have only had two breakages – that is because we pack them well.

We have a ‘no quibble’ three weeks returns policy. If a customer wants to return an item, they can do so and they will be issued with a full refund. You must NEVER ask them why they wanted to return an item. Customers returning items are rare. Over the past 10 years less than 1% of pots have been returned.

Once the three-week returns period has elapsed you will be paid on the last day of the month into your PayPal account.

You must adhere to GDPR and never add customers’ details to your own mailing list or share their details with anyone else.

Our house style

We love great photos! Our website is a clean contemporary design. The star of the website is your work and we don’t want any distractions. The photos you take must truthful representations of the work you are selling:

  • Ideally you should use a white backdrop
  • Nothing must be in the photo that distracts from the object you are selling
  • There must be no photo enhancement tricks used to make your work look better by hiding blemishes
  • The colour balance must look natural and lifelike
  • All photos uploaded must be in a square format at a resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 pixels (and no less than 72 dpi or ideally 144 dpi)

Remember if you upload poor quality images you will not make any sales. Cambridge Ceramics reserves the right to remove poor quality or inappropriate images or text.

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