Every day in studios across United Kingdom, clay is being transformed from a malleable, messy, material into beautiful objects of desire. Some of these alchemists may call themselves potters, ceramicists or ceramic artists, what they all have in common is outstanding skills and creativity.

Cambridge Ceramics has created a platform for people whose medium is clay. Some people featured come from the craft potters tradition whilst others may have a fine art background. At Cambridge Ceramics we celebrate clay in all its glorious forms. If you are looking for something functional like a mug or an abstract sculpture, you will be able to find it here.

When buying from Cambridge Ceramics everything you see has been made in the UK by those selling it. The potters will ship the work directly to you – from the artists’ studio direct to your home.

Cambridge Ceramics Commitment:

  • To provide a professional website where potters living and working across the UK can show their creativity to the world on one platform.
  • For pottery lovers we provide safe, secure and dependable platform where they can buy work directly from the artists.
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