Porcelain & Pewter Fossil Necklace


Porcelain and pewter necklace on silver chain by Lorraine Bates. The porcelain bead has a fossil trilobite clinging to the crystalline glazed bead. Sprigged with trilobite Calymene Blumenbachii or “Dudley Bug” as it’s known locally.

Presented in a covered jewellery box.
Slight variations in design may occur as these are individually made.

I am currently working with The Lapworth; the oldest Geology museum in the U.K on designs using their collections.
My pottery studio (established 1986) is situated 1/4 mile from the International Geopark that is the site of these extraordinary fossil beds that have long been my hunting ground for making tiny tools. I use these to make moulds or to directly impress into my work. Hidden in the strata of my pieces there may be ammonites or “Dudley Bug” trilobite Calymene Blumenbachi or “Gornal Fish” Hemiclapsis Murchisoni, along with representatives of the flora and fauna associated with the area of coral sea that we were here in central England in the last Silurian.
My current work is very much of the Earth of this place and I throw with local clays and use local minerals to mix glazes.
Since graduating from Bath Academy of Art in 1985 work has been sold through galleries and art fairs all over the U.K. Europe and Japan including, for example, many hundreds of pieces through The Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Made by: Woodsetton Pottery

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 2 × 1 cm