Stephen Murfitt - Contemporary Raku

Cambridge Ceramics potter and raku specialist Stephen Murfitt has recently had a book published that explores the concept and practice of raku. Stephen said ‘The opportunity to put together this book for the Crowood press became a welcome project and a creative focus away from the relentless depressing news on covid during the lockdowns.’

Stephen Murfitt - Contemporary Raku
Stephen Murfitt – Contemporary Raku

Stephen received contributions from leading practitioners which have provided some revealing insights into this magical Art form known as Raku. He also reveals the sources of influence which inspire and drive the work of these makers.

The book also explores some of the making processes, methods of glazing (with recipes provided) as well as various individual approaches to firing.

Those makers featured in the book include David Roberts, Peter Hayes, Tim Andrews, Patricia Shone, Moyra Stewart, Shaun Hall, Sebastian Blackie, Kate Schuricht , Bridget Johnson & Denise Brown.

Stephen hopes the book will encourage aspiring makers.

A ‘launch exhibition’ for the book will take place at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre in London from 3rd – 26th March. The show will feature pieces by most of the contributors.

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